Friday, September 21, 2012

Life is Short..

So live life to the fullest, laugh, make mistakes and cut your hair short whenever you want.

Hello! I just had my haircut yesterday and I soooooo love it! Now is the time for a great change and act like I'm really 24 years old. Hihi! How are you doing so far? Share your thoughts. :)) Happy weekend everyone! Xoxo, jen

Thursday, September 13, 2012

It's a Boy!!!

No, No. It's not that you think, okay? I'm not pregnant yet. But here's the reason why I want to have kids someday. Well, last August 24, 2012 my sister Paty just gave birth to a healthy and bouncing baby boy. And we love this baby sooooooo much! I'm such a proud auntie, you know. Hihi!
Say hello to Liam Rayley! :)) Expect to see more photos from this cute little hottie soon! xoxo, jen

Friday, September 7, 2012

During the Job Hunting.. (Late Post)

Hi fellas! These photos were way way way back in May, but it's just now that I've posted this one because I just noticed em in my drafts. Arrghh! Anyway, Back in May I was looking for a job and as usual, I went to Makati hoping I'll get a job. And I did! Thank God for that! Hihi!
That's all! Have a wonderful weekend everyone! Xoxo, jen

Happy 4 years!!

Hello again! Been busy lately with work, family, friends and love. But I'm glad that
I get to post my thoughts again. Well anyway, last August 26, Vicar and I celebrated our 4th year anniversary (as boyfriend-girlfriend). It's just a simple celebration, but for me it's oh-so memorable. :)) We just had a date lunch at ChicBoy (Favorite restaurant), had sweet talks and wow! I just love this guy sooooo much and I thank the Lord for having him. :))) Happiness, it is!

And to end this, lemme show you a little video that I made for our anniversary. It's a photo slideshow actually. And the song by the way is Let Love Be by Chelsea Lankes. Hope you enjoy and xoxo! jen