Thursday, September 4, 2014

Jaden's Birth Story

Okay, so after 8 months, ngayon ko lang ishe-share ang birth story ng aking first born. I’m just too overwhelmed with what’s happening in my life kaya ngayon lang ako nagkaroon ng oras para mag-update. PS, sorry if this is taglish. I'm more comfortable with it kasi eh. :)

Well, December 29, 2013 (Sunday), after our worship service, I decided to visit my midwife because my swollen hands, feet and face are getting worse.Yun bang puputok na sila sa sobrang laki at sa sobrang sakit. December 30 pa sana ang check up ko pero inagahan ko na kasi di ko na talaga kaya.

At the lying inn (where I decided to give birth, para sure na normal yung delivery and sinabi rin ng hipag ko na magaling yung midwife niya dun), we found out na 2 weeks early ako and any moment, pwede na akong manganak since 38/39 weeks na si Jaden. I was really shocked. I never expected that it would be this early. During IE (Internal Exam) din kasi, 3 cm na ang cervix ko, so manganganak at manganganak talaga ako whether I like it or not. But my midwife told me that we had to wait pa until makita ko na yung Mucus Plug sa undies ko (spotting). Bad news is, my BP went up. As in super up like, 160/100. At kung hindi bababa ‘to, ma-CCS ako and I have to be transferred to a hospital.

So I went home, prayed hard at lumaklak ng pineapple juice para  bumaba ang BP ko. I also called my husband (since he’s at work), and told my family about it. Nagulat din sila kasi di nila ine-expect na manganganak na ako ng ganun kaaga. Then I took a nap and woke up around 6:00 PM and when I pee, may blood spots na sa undies ko (sign na manganganak na ako). I called my husband again and told everyone na manganganak na ako. Then they rushed me to the lying inn and honestly that time, parang wala lang talaga. All I can feel is my aching feet, hands and cheeks.

Later that night, dumating na si husband. At dun na nagstart yung contractions ko. Siguro dahil na rin sa may tinurok sa akin. Hindi ko lang alam kung ininduce ba ako non or what. Honestly that time, hindi ko na alam kung anong pinagtuturok sakin kasi all I care about is my baby. Yung mailabas ko lang siya safely and yung maging normal at healthy siya pati yung delivery. So the contractions went for hours (not sure tho), tapos from 9-12, wala kaming ginawa ng asawa ko kung hindi mag-pray, mag instagram at facebook at maglakad lakad around the lying inn. Thank God, during those hours, unti unti namang nagda-dilate yung cervix at bumaba na rin ang BP ko (from 170/110 to 130/90), kaya kering keri na mag-normal delivery.

My only photo when I was in labor. Haha! I actually forgot to take photos kasi 
I was preoccupied with lots of things that time. :)

12:00 MN, my husband and I took a nap kasi by 2:00 AM daw, start na ko mag-push kung 7 to 8 cm na rin ang cervix ko. Then when we woke up, they checked me again, and I was 8 cm na. Dinala na nila ako sa delivery room (naiwan si husband kasi bawal daw), checked my BP again and by the goodness of our Lord, 130/90 parin ang BP ko at 10 cm na ang cervix ko.

I pushed for more than 2 hours, actually. During those hours, nahirapan ako kasi wala si husband sa tabi ko at sobrang hirap lang talaga mag-push. I had to undergo episiotomy para madali makalabas yung head ni Jaden. And my midwife already asked me if I want my husband in the delivery room, kasi nahalata na niya na kailangan na kailangan ko siya. And nung pumasok na siya sa room. Dun mas bumilis ang progress ng labor ko. Mas eager ako mag-push, mas hindi na ako kinakabahan, at hindi ko na naisip yung pain down there.

4:45 am like what I’ve mentioned earlier, after more than 2 hours of pushing, nailabas ko na si Jaden via normal spontaneous delivery. Praise God this baby’s healthy, alive and kicking. Nagulat din ako kasi ang puti  niya (Moreno kasi kami pareho ng daddy niya). 

Jaden's first photo. Cutie pie, he is! 

So ayun that was my baby’s birth story. I can’t thank God enough for everything he has done for my boys. At sa lahat ng nag-pray for us, thank you much! We’re now looking forward for Jaden’s first birthday! :) xoxo, jen 

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Daily Ramblings According to Instagram

At last, I finally have Instagram! Last week, I bought a new android phone and I sooooo love it! These photos are my daily ramblings from my android phone. And I'm looking forward to take more pictures to my new phone! How's your week? :) xoxo, jen.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Sundays are ♥

Guess who's back? :) It's nice to blog again. It's been a long time and thanks to my sister's friends for liking my blog, so I'm inspired again to post my thoughts here. This time, it's all bout our outfit post. Last Sunday, we went to Church (the usual Sunday routine). And because Sundays are special for us, that's why we also have to wear our Sunday best dress. :)
I've always loved wearing fashionable clothes at very affordable price, and as much as possible, I don't like to shop for expensive stuff (unless needed). 
 Outfit details:
Top: 150 pHp (Russ-Festival Mall)
Skirt: Gifted to me by my mom
Shoes: Gifted to me by my mom :)
Watch: 550 pHp (UniSilver)
Bangles: Gifted to me last Christmas
And here's my sister Mia right here, strutting her stuff as well as we went to the church. 
Outfit Details:
Top: 150 pHp (Candy)
Skirt: Gifted to her by our mom
Belt: 150 pHp (Festival Mall)
Chunky Necklace: 50 (At a garage sale)
Bangles: Gifted to her last Christmas

I'm so looking forward to this week. I can't wait to start my week right and buy a new phone as a birhtday gift for my sister. Weee! How's your weekend? And what are your plans for the entire week? Share your thoughts, everyone! xoxo, jen 

Friday, September 21, 2012

Life is Short..

So live life to the fullest, laugh, make mistakes and cut your hair short whenever you want.

Hello! I just had my haircut yesterday and I soooooo love it! Now is the time for a great change and act like I'm really 24 years old. Hihi! How are you doing so far? Share your thoughts. :)) Happy weekend everyone! Xoxo, jen

Thursday, September 13, 2012

It's a Boy!!!

No, No. It's not that you think, okay? I'm not pregnant yet. But here's the reason why I want to have kids someday. Well, last August 24, 2012 my sister Paty just gave birth to a healthy and bouncing baby boy. And we love this baby sooooooo much! I'm such a proud auntie, you know. Hihi!
Say hello to Liam Rayley! :)) Expect to see more photos from this cute little hottie soon! xoxo, jen

Friday, September 7, 2012

During the Job Hunting.. (Late Post)

Hi fellas! These photos were way way way back in May, but it's just now that I've posted this one because I just noticed em in my drafts. Arrghh! Anyway, Back in May I was looking for a job and as usual, I went to Makati hoping I'll get a job. And I did! Thank God for that! Hihi!
That's all! Have a wonderful weekend everyone! Xoxo, jen

Happy 4 years!!

Hello again! Been busy lately with work, family, friends and love. But I'm glad that
I get to post my thoughts again. Well anyway, last August 26, Vicar and I celebrated our 4th year anniversary (as boyfriend-girlfriend). It's just a simple celebration, but for me it's oh-so memorable. :)) We just had a date lunch at ChicBoy (Favorite restaurant), had sweet talks and wow! I just love this guy sooooo much and I thank the Lord for having him. :))) Happiness, it is!

And to end this, lemme show you a little video that I made for our anniversary. It's a photo slideshow actually. And the song by the way is Let Love Be by Chelsea Lankes. Hope you enjoy and xoxo! jen