Sunday, November 25, 2012

Sundays are ♥

Guess who's back? :) It's nice to blog again. It's been a long time and thanks to my sister's friends for liking my blog, so I'm inspired again to post my thoughts here. This time, it's all bout our outfit post. Last Sunday, we went to Church (the usual Sunday routine). And because Sundays are special for us, that's why we also have to wear our Sunday best dress. :)
I've always loved wearing fashionable clothes at very affordable price, and as much as possible, I don't like to shop for expensive stuff (unless needed). 
 Outfit details:
Top: 150 pHp (Russ-Festival Mall)
Skirt: Gifted to me by my mom
Shoes: Gifted to me by my mom :)
Watch: 550 pHp (UniSilver)
Bangles: Gifted to me last Christmas
And here's my sister Mia right here, strutting her stuff as well as we went to the church. 
Outfit Details:
Top: 150 pHp (Candy)
Skirt: Gifted to her by our mom
Belt: 150 pHp (Festival Mall)
Chunky Necklace: 50 (At a garage sale)
Bangles: Gifted to her last Christmas

I'm so looking forward to this week. I can't wait to start my week right and buy a new phone as a birhtday gift for my sister. Weee! How's your weekend? And what are your plans for the entire week? Share your thoughts, everyone! xoxo, jen 

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