Friday, May 4, 2012

Soul Sisters Love ♥

Hello! It's been a while since I posted my blog post and now I have good news for you! I can now blog for at least everyday, because we just bought a new laptop, yay!! And now for my weekend feature, lemme show you some pictures from our last trip in Laiya, Batangas (my favorite place, so far), with my ever loving soul sister, Mia. Ohh.. How we love the beach and the season soooo much! ♥

 Here's Princess. How adorable is she! :)

 My backless babe.. Hihi..
 Sooo.. Hot!
One of my summer faves. Yogurt milk!!! 

I'm getting darker and darker each day.. Haha! 

Lovin' the beach.. 

Ohhh.. I miss going to the beach already. Hope we could visit there again, soon. And oh by the way, next week's my birthday week, so expect more of my posts. In the meantime, hope you'll enjoy these photos and don't forget to leave a comment, okay? xo, jen

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