Thursday, May 17, 2012

What's Inside My Bag?

Hello guys! it's been months since I let you take a sneak peek inside my lovely bag, and I kinda missed it. So I've decided to show you again the things I bring when I'm out. Well, this was for my birthday last Friday. I'm out on a date with my boyfriend, and these are the stuff I brought with me while I was on a date.
1. Pink Shoulder Bag (Thrifted)
2. Light Pink blush-on (Gifted to me by my sister, Paty)
3. Mini Blush Brush (Gifted to me by my mom)
4. Nerdy Glasses (Thrifted)
5. Make-up palette (Nichido)
6. False Eyelashes (Borrowed from my sister, Mia)
7.Red lipstick (Color-Full)
8. Green Tea Perfume (Gifted to me by my dad)
9. Turquoise nail polish (which I'm obsessed, btw)
10. Cute notebook
PS. I forgot to put my pens and my phone there. Hihi! So what's in your bag, lately? Can I also take a sneak peek inside your bag, as well? xo, jen

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