Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Over the Weekend..

Hello there! Last weekend was oh-so tiring, but fun for me. I did some crafting stuff for me and Vicar's 42nd monthsary. Then I had a pancit mashang date with my other half again. Then,  spent my Saturday sleeping most of the time (lovin' it so much). Then last Sunday was our 42nd monthsary (that's 3 years and six months). We spent out alone time together first then on the afternoon, we headed off to our church to attend to our youth fellowship/hearts night (post valentine event). I was happy not only because I was with my bf almost the whole day, but because he got to reunite with his friends again and we learned so much about that night's fellowship. Here are some of the photos..

Yummy yummy pancit mashang! (our personal favorite)
 My cousin made this cute poster for our youth fellowship. Superrr nice, right?
My sister and her boyfriend, Josh. Young love, puppy love, sweet love.. Hihi!
Now this is me with my one true love. Who says you can't wear black on a love's day? ;">
Reunited never felt soooo good! My guy right here with his best buds, Elaine and Paul. It's been years since they last got together. And I thank God they are together again. Love to see friends reunited. ;)

I'm so looking forward to this weekend cause I'll be reuniting again with my college friends and it's my first weekend being JOBLESS. =) Am I the only person who gets totally excited being jobless? Haha! Anyway, hope you had a great week everyone! xoxo, jen 

PS: Sorry I didn't get to post the little craft I made. I accidentally deleted it on my cam. Ugh! Anyway, I'll just show it to you next time. Peace! ;)

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