Saturday, January 21, 2012

How To Be Inspired (The Jenny Way)

Okay, this may sound weird, but I'm gonna be posting my 5 tips every week. But what's unique about these tips is that, they are based from my experiences and they are TOO practical and weird. Haha!

So first off, let me give you tips on how to be inspired 'The Jenny Way' ,whether you're at work, school, running a business or simply at home. You need things or people to keep you inspired. Remember girls, these are all from my PERSONAL POINT OF VIEW and EXPERIENCES.  =)

1. Pray
    Seriously, prayers keep me focused everyday. Sorry if I may sound religious, but prayer has always been my effective tool in making my dreams come true. It's the base or the foundation of everything. Always find time t pray no matter how busy or stressed you are, and you'll see the difference. 

2. Get Involved With Social Media
     Having at least Facebook or Twitter will keep you inspired. Why? Based from my experience, when I'm stressed at work, I just chat with my friends on Facebook or post tweets and voila, I'm inspired to work again! Social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr somehow makes you inspired, because you get in touch with friends. Also, some people say their feelings through these sites which is half-good and half-bad. Wll, if you're matured enough, you know what to post on these sites.

3. Have a Crush
     Yep, you heard it right. Whether it's an officemate, celebrity, neighbor, classmate or even your partner, having a crush can really make your day even brighter and he will somehow inspire you to do your best. Me, course I have Vicar as my inspiration and aside from him, I have a crush in the office and he's the reason why I love working everyday. Haha! But I love my boyfriend still.. :))

4. Get Dressed and Glammed Up
     Looking yourself at the mirror with a beautiful you will make you more inspired to go on with your day. You can wear a little make up if you want and dress cute clothes, but if you're not into that, you'll just simply...

5. SMILE! :)
     It's really an essential tool to make you inspired. When I'm pissed off, I just smile and everything will be okay again. So if you want to stay inspired all the time, just smile, smile and SMILE! =)

Hope you learned something from these tips. Actually, they are very easy to do even they are a bit weird.. Haha! 

Happy Weekend everyone!! Love love, jen :)


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