Tuesday, January 24, 2012

What's Inside My Bag?

I've seen this feature before on Elsie's blog and I got so fascinated with the stuff inside her lovely bag. So I thought of doing the same feature here for you to take a sneak peak inside my gorgeous bag! So, what's inside my bag, really?
1. Pink wallet (bought from a department store)
2. Nerd glasses (hoard it from a thrift store)
3. Clinique Face Powder (for oily skin days)
4. Sweet pink Lipstick (from Everbilena)
5. Pens!!! Can't leave the house without em!
6. Planner and notepads (from Starbucks and from a bookstore)
7. Avon Hand Lotion
8.Aficionado perfume
9. Little purse for my headphones =)
10. Headphones! 
11. Slimming meds! Haha!
12. Cellphones

By the way, I bought my bag at a thrift store for only 150 pesos. Very thrifty! :)

What's in your bag, ladies?? xoxo jen :)

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