Wednesday, January 4, 2012

My Goals for 2012

Making goals for new year or new years resolutions can be boring for some people. I am one of them, actually. Not knowing that it can be a way of making yourself more eager and motivated to live your dreams. So now, here are my twelve goals for 2010. :)

Lose Weight

OM! I've been struggling hard to get back into shape for four years now! Although I love myself and people loved me for who I am, wouldn't it be nicer if I get fit not only to look great, but to be healthy as well. :)

Save Money

I've been dealing with this for so long, but I dunno where the heck my money goes! But this year, I'll do whatever it takes to save money and make for a living. ;)

Get my Dream Job

Everyone wants to get the job of their dreams and so do I. Though I can't choose the job I want, but I won't lose hope. I know one day I'll get you! ;) 

Have my Cell Group

I once had a cell group more than a year ago, but I stopped because of work. So I do hope and pray that I'll get one this year. :P

Have a Business

If not a dream job, then a business would complete my year. I failed a couple of times, but I hope it'll work out this year!

I won't go too long, sweetie! But I do hope I get to achieve all these twelve goals for this year! You girls help me out in reaching these! LOL! ♥ jen 

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